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About 2MExpress
2MExpress is our exciting new website builder software, developed entirely by 2MHost.com staff. The website builder is completely server side, so you don't have to install anything on your computer. It allows webmasters of all skill levels to create, develop, and publish a website within minutes.
Featuring free website designs, search engine friendly html code, and no pesky forms or wizards, 2MExpress is perfect for any website project!

New and existing customers of 2MHost are provided with this revolutionary website builder free of charge. To sign up, please submit a ticket to our support department, by clicking

2MExpress: Free Website Builder Features...

100% Online - That's right, there is absolutely no software to download, and the only requirement is a recent version of any web browsers (Internet Explorer, FireFox, ..). With 2MExpress, users can modify their website from anywhere on earth, as long as they have an internet connection!

It's all there- Just type up some content and paste it into your new site. 2MExpress automatically generates a complete website navigation system, printable versions of all website pages, "add to favorite" links for site visitors, a "mail to friend" feature that allows site visitors to share web page URLs, and search engine friendly pages that bring in search engine traffic!

Customize, Customize, Customize - Users can add their own website title, domain name, logo, copyright note, and slogan to their sites. With 40 pre-made designs and counting that are free to use, a professionally designed website template is never more than a click away. The ability to add an unlimited number of pages, all automatically linked to 2MExpress' navigation system, is also part of the software. Pages can be arranged in any order, it's up to you! Never before has customizing a website been this quick and easy!

HTML Code Free, If you Choose- With our unique visual editor, "What You See Is What You Get," formatting text, adding images, creating photo galleries, making tables, adding forms, and a whole bunch more, requires absolutely no knowledge of HTML, a complicated web coding language. Want to code in HTML? You're welcome to - users are given the ability to view and edit their pages in HTML mode.

Search Engine Friendly - Pages are published in 100% pure HTML and CSS, allowing search engines to easily index and spider 2MExpress powered websites. With relevant page titles and static filenames, and the ability to edit META tags by adding keywords and descriptions, 2MExpress is like a personal SEO assistant!

You Need Only 2MExpress - 2MExpress handles everything for your website. There's no need to download any software, no need to install an FTP client, or even setup fancy scripts for your website. The 2MExpress system comes complete with an advanced search and form-mail script, and has a built in FTP client for publishing sites. The abilities of creating photo galleries, adding images & thumbnails, and building custom email forms - are all there.

Intelligent & Integrated - Built with simplicity in mind, all major site configurations are built into the software. Example: Give 2MExpress your email address, and all web forms will automatically be set to email the contents to you. Like to write with smileys? 2MExpress will convert your text smileys automatically to images. (Ok, so maybe this feature won't someday save the world, but it's still nice!)

'One Click' Publishing - No more uploading large files, changing filenames, and dealing with buggy FTP clients. 2MExpress allows users to publish their websites in just a click. A handy status indicator displays the publish process, which is usually under a minute, depending on website size. It saves you money too - FTP clients can cost well over $30 to register.

Part of the 2MHost Family - In addition to all the great things 2MExpress offers customers, there's even more. Sites hosted with 2MHost and powered by 2MExpress are all subject to the same great benefits of being with a company that cares about customers.
A highly advanced statistics tracking program, page counters, free scripts, and award winning technical support for hosting, are all included free of charge.

Thank you for your interest in 2MExpress, the better way!

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