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Feb 8 2008:
And more templates...

More templates by Sergey Pozhilov of gettemplate.com, under Music and Photography categories.




Check the full Sergey Collection II

June 12 2007:
Sergey templates collections

This is set of new 18 templates made by Sergey Pozhilov of gettemplate.com, the new templates is lite wight, with very profissional style sheet, below is sample of the new set
Check the full Sergey Collection

Nov 16 2006:
2MExpress 1.2 released

As usual, we've kept both advanced and new users in mind in developing 2MExpress. In addition to scores of minor enhancements and bug fixes, we have added to major features to 2MExpress:

For new users, the eXpress Albums feature is now available. With eXpress Albums, users can upload picture files and eXpress Album will create a fully-featured online photo gallery. From creating thumbnails, creating an organized picture index, and inserting the content into the userís site user's page, eXpress Albums makes sharing pictures easy as it should be. As usual, users will be able to fine touch the album using the 2MExpress WYSIWYG editor. For more information, please visit the 2MExpress help site.

For advanced users, we have introduced Custom Placeholders. This unique feature is unique to 2MExpress and does not exist in nearly any online website builder tool. It allows advanced users to define and create their own placeholders within the site. For example, users may have specific content that is shown on a large number of pages, but needs to be frequently updated. This could be something as a short as a date, or even a contact email address. By creating a custom placeholder and inserting the variable wherever the content should be displayed, users can quickly and easily update the placeholder and the changes will be reflected site-wide.

This feature can also be combined with page_ids and page_groups to customize parts of contents or templates depend on single page or group of pages.

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